The Two of Hearts

Back in June I wrote a post called ‘Heart Felt’ about my husbands open heart surgery.  If you missed it, here is a quick recap.

Three years ago my husband had open heart surgery. It was a dark time but it feels like a lifetime ago and he is happy and healthy now.  I wanted to celebrate the fact that he made it and so every year I decided to present him with a little gift.  It is affectionately known as the “thank god you aren’t dead” gift.

For the first anniversary, I made ‘Heart Felt’, a small piece of embroidery.


For the second anniversary, I made ‘The Two of Hearts’, based on playing cards. He loves a card trick so it seemed the perfect vehicle to incorporate a number 2, a heart and his love of all things magic!



I started with some vintage silk off-cuts and patched together the pieces using basic straight stitch on the machine. Then just kept going until it looked right.  The hearts and numbers are made from some red cotton and again machined in place.  I then pulled some stitches through, leaving them unknotted and long – a bit bleeding heart, if that’s not too gruesome!

I thought I would share this one as the third anniversary is looming and I think it would be good to see where this heart project is going (for my benefit as well as yours!) The third one is an epic… will it be finished in time, only a few weeks to go.

Watch this space…

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