Thank god you’re not dead!


Today is the third anniversary of the worst day of my life.  The day my husband had open heart surgery which left us wondering if we would ever see him again. We have christened the 7th September, ‘thank god you’re not dead’ day!

I usually make him a little gift to celebrate his presence, you might remember the ‘Heartfelt’ and the ‘Two of Hearts’ embroideries. But this year, I have had a change of heart (excuse the pun)! I don’t think we need a house full of hearts as a constant reminder. I think it’s slightly morbid and quite frankly a bit strange. So, I quit.

It’s time to move forward, not only because I just can’t summon the energy to produce another ‘heart theme’ gift but we have a daily reminder of this op in the form of a whopping great scar down his chest.

So I want to do something fun and ultimately useful – will you join me?

Image: Lucky Bean

My friend introduced me to this incredible creative initiative called Cuddle Cushions, it is such a fantastic idea I had to share it.

Here is an extract from the Lucky Bean blog which explains the concept;

Open Heart International is an Aussie charity that sends teams of paediatric heart specialists into countries without first world resources. They perform life saving surgery on children with congenital heart conditions and help train local doctors. My brother-in-law is a paediatric cardiologist and he introduced us to the amazing work they do. My husband went along to Rwanda to make a documentary about it and he was struck by the dedication of the volunteers and the bravery of the little patients, many of whom are back on their mothers’ backs within hours. I wanted to help but I’m no doctor and can’t leave my own children to help out in other ways. I noticed that after surgery these young troopers are often given a pillow to hold over their chest to protect their scars and sometimes a soft toy for comfort. Now I can’t sew stitches but I can sew a machine in a straight line. So the idea for Cuddle Cushions was born. It’s designed for the dimensions of young patients; a cushion and doll in one.  

Image: Lucky Bean

What I love about this idea is that a crafter/sewer can make a difference by doing something relatively straightforward.  I have attached the pattern below.

cuddle cushion pattern jpg

It would be a great school holiday project with the kids AND a great way to use up all those small pieces of fabric that need a good home AND you can do something useful while reducing your fabric stash. I say it’s a win win! I am much happier about ploughing my energy into this initiative.

Farewell heart embroideries, hello Cuddle Cushions! I will be posting my makes on my blog intermittently, you want to join me?

Happy ‘thank god you’re not dead’ day! x

p.s if sewing isn’t your bag, would you consider donating to Open Heart International instead?

9 thoughts

  1. Awesome Kate! Did you send this to Leigh? She’ll be thrilled! Have been meaning for SO long to do these….now there’s no excuse! Here’s to ‘Thank god he’s not dead!’ day…!!


  2. Love it Kate! Can’t imagine Kate without James – or James without Kate… Very happy you still have each other 🙂

    Do you mind if I share this with some friends??


      1. You are amazing Kate! You do some fabulous stuff! Didn’t know the story about your hubby – but very happy to hear all is well with him now. Keep inspired, that’s where creativity lies (which you seem to have more of than most of us). X


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