It’s hip to be square!

I have been selfish sewing!  It’s been a while, but I have finally made something for myself.  Back to the Japanese sewing book, She Wears the Pants by Yuko Takada. Oh, how I love this book!


Square Top from ‘She Wears the Pants’

I wanted something quick and easy so I chose the Square Top. It is named after the pattern piece it is made out of, a massive square!  It has only 5 pieces and is super easy to construct.

I am often confused about the fabric information in this book, it recommends T-cloth, not sure what that is, I suspect it’s T-shirt fabric, so I used a heavy black jersey stretch.

The pattern calls for 9 buttonholes along the neckline, mmmm…. not sure about that.  Instead I fished out an old Isabela Capeto top.  It’s totally unwearable now, but I kept it because I just loved the awesome embellishments, they are a constant inspiration. So I unpicked and few bits and added them to my Square Top instead of the buttons.

Isabela Capeto top, it must be about 10 years old!
I added these embellishments instead of buttons
I love the shape of this top!

It’s such a great top, the shape is really voluminous, it hides a multiple of sins.  I love the sleeves and of course the neckline with the crazy angle of the square gives it a bit of an edge.  I will definitely be making this one again (and again)!

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