Craft for a chilly day!

Hard to believe for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, but it’s FREEZING here!  Well not exactly freezing, but as most of us don’t have decent heating and insulation, it feels baltic on a chilly day.   It’s holiday time here and the boys requested a day at home (wonder how long that will last) we are at 11am and so far Archie and I are rocking’ some craft. I thought I should share this one, it’s super easy and a great way of getting a non-sewer into sewing.

I saw this particularly craft demonstrated on the MyRapid TV, that’s the Kuala Lumpur train system TV on the way from Sentral to the Airport.  Strange, but true!!

All you need is a canvas of any size and this selection of goodies; some tracing paper or greaseproof paper, a needle, some embroidery thread or wool, a pencil and ruler, some masking tape, a pair of scissors and a seam ripper. 10

Step 1 – decide upon an image, it is best to choose something quite angular, Archie decided on a star as it’s graphically quite striking. Draw the image on tracing paper and then draw dots on the high and low points.
Step 2 – Tape your image to the canvas and use the sharp point of the seam ripper to make holes through the dots into the canvas.
Step 3 – Your canvas should look like this. Thread your needle and start to stitch.
Step 4 – It should start to make sense after a few lines have been stitched. Archie used this turquoise thread to outline the edges of the star.
Step 5 – Now it’s time to design the centre and experiment with the shape and the coloured threads.

Archie used 4 different coloured threads and this is how it came out. The only thing I helped him with was threading the needle. He is super proud of it, now we just need to hang it on the wall (and get through the next 8 hours…)

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