The sweater dress re-run

I try not to make the same pattern over and over again.  This is mainly due to the number of awesome pattern makers out there who design such beautiful patterns, most of which, I am desperate to try.

However, I made an exception here.

I made this dress for the first time last winter when I was freezing in Sydney. ¬†No-one ever believes it’s cold in Sydney. ¬†I suppose by the Northern Hemisphere standards, it’s not. ¬†It’s just that we aren’t set up for it and it often takes us by surprise. ¬†We are also often without central heating which means I needed to wear a blanket the entire time just to function.

This is the equivalent of said blanket, you can read all about this make here.


Onto my latest make.

The fabric:

I spotted the fabric in Faberwood’s online shop and ordered it after seeing Fiona (Queen Faberwood) wearing this pencil skirt. ¬†Check out her blog post all about it. ¬†How cool is that?

Photo: Faberwood

I am generally not a stripe kinda girl (I am sure there will be a collective intake of breathe here). I like a stripe but I don’t often wear them. ¬†This is a stripe fabric that I could not resist, a stripe on the diagonal. ¬†It has that Scandinavian contemporary cool feel about it.

The quality is exceptional. ¬†Something that I can always rely on with Fiona’s collections. The fabric is by Finnish brand, Ikasyr. It’s an organic jersey, mid weight stretch with great recovery.

My favourite part about this transaction was that Fiona delivered it to my Mum’s house in the UK (our Mum’s live minutes apart!) ¬†It was then passed to my in-laws and then brought over to Australia on their recent visit. ¬†It’s amazing what my family will do for my love of fabric.

The sleeve fabric was from The Cloth Shop in Melbourne, a super yummy grey stretch. I bought this piece many moons ago. ¬†It’s such good quality, I am kicking myself that I didn’t buy more.

The pattern:

The Sweater Dress by In the Folds¬†(for Peppermint Magazine) is a favourite. ¬†It was designed specifically with me in mind (it wasn’t, but I like to think so). ¬†It’s such an easy dress to wear, an easy dress to make and it fits me just perfectly. ¬†Oh yes, and it’s free!

As this is a re-run, I made no changes.  I cut a straight size 10.  I would normally grade out to a 12 but there is some volume around the hips which works for me.  It also has pockets and as with my first attempt, they sit flat!

Here it is;

It’s such an easy dress to wear, I put a layer or two underneath for extra warmth.
No pattern matching here!



Super happy with the fabric and the sleeve fabric matches a treat.

The added extra:

There is always the odd off-cut or scrap piece.  This is particularly helpful when you have a 5 year old.  He asked me for a Batman outfit for the school disco, who am I to refuse?

I managed to get a pair of True Bias, Mini Hudson shorts and a Titchy Threads, Safari Raglan tee¬†from my scraps. Of course, there was no pattern matching, nothing like it infact. ¬†The stripes are going off in all sorts of slightly odd angles. He doesn’t care and so neither do I.

I even rolled out the freezer paper and dabbed on some fabric paint for that Batman logo. ¬†Such an easy process, it’s quite addictive. For a quick ‘how to’ check out Wendy’s blog and for some major inspiration, check out Shelley’s blog, she is the master of freezer paper stencils.

Of course a little cape was required so I added some velcro to the tee and some elastic to  the arms so he could do some proper flapping,  which he did, endlessly!

Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 4.36.09 pm
Here he is with his buddies at the school disco (thanks for the photo Kristie!)

Maybe just one more sweater dress before the winter is out….


Make Sew Gather – weekend retreat!

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching at the Make, Sew, Gather weekend retreat in October. ¬†It’s an event run by my lovely friend and fellow sewing teacher, Caz from Useful Box.

I am sure it will be no surprise to anyone that I will be teaching stretch!  Having made so many sweatshirts in the past I am no stranger to an overlocker and not scared of a piece of stretchy fabric.


Although as the summer roles in, I think the Brightside Shrug is the perfect choice for this class.  It is such a quick and easy sew for beginners.  Did you see the version my 11 year old student made?  Super cool.

Check out the retreat website for more information, I am one of many teachers attending.  So if you want to learn how to make lingerie, try fabric painting, understand Japanese sewing patterns, make a tote bag or make a pattern block, check out the details.

Make. Sew & Gather Flyer-2





Is this the perfect tee for kids?

I think I have found the perfect tee for kids. ¬†It’s the Rowan Tee pattern from Titchy Threads.

I love sewing in stretch but it’s only recently that I have felt I could truly¬†do it well. ¬†When I say ‘recently’ what I mean is, this tee makes me think I can sew well in stretch!

I made a very basic short sleeved tee with ribbed neckline, but it doesn’t have to be that simple. There are so many add ons, apparently there are 144 combinations. ¬†So, if you fancy a hood or an arm stripe, long or short sleeves, cuffs, kangaroo pocket or patch pocket then this is the pattern for you.

The instructions are very easy to follow and I particularly like the simple idea of pre-pressing the body and sleeve hems before you start.  This had never occurred to me and it made the final process of finishing a breeze.

Adding the sleeve, going pin crazy!

The sleeves were easy to insert. I only really make raglans which are super easy on the overlocker so I was a little nervous that these sleeves would be difficult.  Not so!  Saying that, I did go a bit crazy with the pins!

A lovely smooth curve! Can you see the pre-pressed hem line too?

I also think that I have finally mastered the art of the twin needle top stitch.  I used woolly nylon in the bobbin and finally I got a good result as I usually end up with a bit of a mound.  Not so here, it sits pretty flat.

Nice bit of top stitching if I do say so myself!

My only gripe is the neckline. ¬†I always make a mess of the neckline. ¬†I often have do it a couple of times. ¬†You can see that it’s not completely even but I can live with that. ¬†I also think that the top stitching should have been on the tee and not the ribbing (you can see I have put one line on each). ¬†It’s only a minor gripe really, of my own doing of course!

Why can’t I do the perfect neckline?

I really do love this pattern and the fabric was such a great find. It’s from Spotlight and it was on sale so pretty cheap all up. ¬†How can you not love a wigwam or two? The yellow sleeves are a real winner I think, the contrast works so well. ¬†He even put it on straight away with no complaints.


Having a little dance

Is it the perfect tee pattern? I would say so, what do you think?