Christmas is only 4 weeks away….

Just a gentle reminder that Christmas is only 4 weeks away.  This, infact, sends me into a flat panic as I have to make and post all my presents to the UK and I have barely started.  Oh well, ‘daughter/sister/aunty/niece of the year’ award goes to me again!

But if (unlike me) you like to get things organised, then a ‘Sewing with Kate’ gift certificate could be the answer.  Has your favourite person always wanted to sew?  Is your partner always looking for the perfect gift for you? A new years resolution perhaps? If so, this could be the perfect gift.

Learn how to use a sewing machine or make your own clothes or even learn some mending techniques.  Sewing is lifelong skill, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

The gift certificate doubles as this cute sewing kit with some cotton, pin and needles and buttons, there is also space to write a little message.  It is wrapped in this festive felt envelope and tied together with a sewing charm.


Just drop me a message through the contact page or Facebook and I will get back to you ‘tout suite’.

How can you resist it? x

Join the Henry Dress sew-along!

As you know I am a huge fan of the Henry Dress by Brooklyn Pattern Co. It seemed only right that I teach this little number in the Northern Beaches.  If you are local and are keen, just drop me a line!


From Brooklyn to Balgowlah.

Learn to sew a New York boho children’s dress


Join the Henry Dress sew-along!

We will teach you to sew this beautiful dress for the little girl in your life, while mastering the skills to make your own clothes too!  Within this small group, we’ll have you making a boho classic in no time.

Course price is $150, bring your own fabric and download the digital pattern here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 9.52.29 am

For more information or to book your spot contact Kate via email: or fill in the contact form on this website.

For Henry Dress inspiration check out these awesome makes; Brooklyn Pattern Co., Brooklyn Pattern Co.Edith & Eloise, Made by SaraDobbins Bobbins, Sanae IshidaSewing with KateSewing with Kate.

See you there x

(all photographs courtesy of Brooklyn Pattern Co.)


Pass it on

I have taught many kids to sew over the years but what I love most are the kids that are TOTALLY into it.  I mean the ones that display a true passion for sewing.

At the moment I am teaching an 11 year old girl with a mind of her own.  That is a must in sewing I think, to totally commit to a project and do anything, however hard to achieve that goal.  I don’t know that many 11 year old girls, having sons means that I don’t really get to know that many.  I think that’s why I enjoy teaching so much, most of my students are girls, yippeee!

I just wanted to show you a couple of photos I took during our last lesson.  The programme I put together for this class was to make an elastic waist skirt.  She told me that she doesn’t wear skirts but would make one for her friend. That doesn’t really work for me, I want my students to make things for themselves. So, lets make something else!  We bantered around a few ideas and came up with a cloud cushion.  We drew out a pattern, pinned it, cut it and stitched it up.  I liked that it was harder than your average cushion with the curved edges. We discussed ‘clipping the curve’ to get the edges right and look at the result.


She was super focused and loves it.  Isn’t it just fabulous?