Oops, I did it again…

I just couldn’t help myself. I have only gone and made another Frankie dress!

After the success of my fishy dress and the fact that I haven’t taken it off since the sun came out, I thought I would give it another bash.

There were a couple of tweeks I wanted to make with the fit.  I originally cut my fishy dress to a extra small on the top grading to a small.  This time round, I thought maybe a straight small would be better as the shoulders seams were a little short.  I also decided to add an additional centimetre for some extra room.  This is how I added that extra width.


I drew a diagonal line from the shoulder seam to the arm hole, cut long the line and opened it up by a centimetre.  It just gave me the extra room I needed.  The final adjustment was to length.  I had reduced the length on my fishy dress, mainly due to fabric shortage so this time I cut the specified short length as per the pattern.  You will notice that I also chose the elbow length sleeve option instead of the short sleeves.

The fabric I used for this make is really special. ¬†I bought it from Faberwood¬†in the UK. It’s quite a bold himmeli pattern and large in scale.


I had originally spotted it on Wendy Ward’s instagram page and went straight online¬†and bought a couple of metres. ¬†As I was heading back to the UK in August, it was waiting for me when I arrived at my parent’s place. ¬†It was a long wait, but well worth it. ¬†It’s an amazing quality knit. ¬†This is what I like about Faberwood, it’s a well curated and quality driven fabric store. ¬†AND bonus to me, I actually got to meet Fiona who owns Faberwood while I was back in the UK.

So here it is.

The morning light has sent this a bit blue, the image above is a closer representation of colour.




Here is the shoulder seam in more detail

I am pleased that I sorted out the fit, it feels less restricted on the shoulders than my fishy dress. I am also pleased I didn’t cock it up as this fabric is so lovely (and no longer available) that I think tears would have been shed if I had made a mistake. I am now waiting with bated breath to see what Wendy and Fiona make with their pieces.


Do I look like a Christmas cracker or an 80’s throwback?

Either way, I am loving it!

I don’t know if you are like me and whenever you get something new you have to use/wear it immediately? ¬†In sewing terms, this means, I get a new pattern book and I have to make something from it IMMEDIATELY, disregarding any projects in progress or the need for more practical items!

I was sent this awesome pattern book by my friend Erin of Brooklyn Pattern Company. She knows I love a Japanese pattern book and this one was just perfect for me. It’s the Stylish Party Dress book, the description¬†being “easy and inexpensive sew-it-yourself dresses”. I feel like it was written¬†just for me!


So, having perused it for hours and mentally making them all, I settled on the most impractical (and unlikely) dress I could find. Hello, Taffeta Two-piece set!


The reason for choosing this piece is two fold. Firstly, I love a Christmas frock and this one screamed CHRISTMAS with that skirt of ruffles. Secondly, I had just found the most ridiculous piece of fabric in the charity store. It was a match made in sewing heaven!

I can’t be sure what the fabric is but I think it’s some kind of light upholstery fabric. It has the same body as taffeta so I knew it would work with this pattern. I love the bronze side but its¬†way too full-on for this piece, so I used the reverse. The black side¬†shows the subtle¬†diamond shape with just a hint of the bronze showing through.


I started with the skirt. I went for a size 10 (I am not a standard size 10 by any stretch) so I was worried it might be a little snug, but no, quite the opposite. So I pulled in the darts and took a little extra off each side seam and that did the trick.

It’s also the first time I have inserted an invisible zip. How is that possible? I failed miserably the first few times but then got the hang of it thanks to YouTube and an In The Folds tutorial and I am pleased with how it looks. I have no idea how I have got this far and never added one!


The only other alteration was the hem, I chopped off loads, at least 20cm! It means that the skirt looks asymmetrical but I think it needed to be shorter so not to swamp me.


The top part was pretty straight forward. I cut size 8, but I really should have cut the 6, you can see that it’s gaping around the armholes. I am fine with it, it’s loose fitting which works for me. When I have time I might just make up the 6 as I have plenty of the fabric left.


The instructions also call for an invisible zip down the back seam, having inserted it and then tried it on, I realised a zip was not nesseary as it went over my head. I then took it out, it made for a smoother seam.

BEFORE – with the invisible zip
AFTER – the seam without the zip, a much better finish I think

I had a ‘do’ on Saturday night, a surprise 50th which seemed the perfect occasion to wear it. We had to leave at 6:30pm and I was still adding the armhole facing at 6:05pm sitting in my underwear! Not a pretty sight.

It’s a great silhouette!
I love the hint of bronze showing on the top ruffle
I think its quite flattering, despite the giant ruffles!
Err… I don’t do heels much!

Sometimes the most unlikely patterns can be winners. Do I look like a Christmas cracker? ¬†Perhaps, a little. ¬†An 80’s throwback is probably closer although the ruffles make me think ‘Victorian’ and maybe even a hint of Steampunk!

You know I love a bargain and the fabric cost me¬†$8, so I couldn’t be happier. ¬†I really love it, even if it was so dark in the bar that no-one even noticed!