A new silhouette (aka does my bum look big in this?)

It seems like an age since my last blog post, how did that happen?

I haven’t sewn much lately, work is crazy busy and fun sewing projects seem to get put on the back burner. ¬†So I decided to take a stand. ¬†I put the hoovering, cooking and taxi driving to one side and thought about myself for once.

I have been wanting to make a skirt for ages but could never find the right pattern. We are also hitting autumn here and even though the humidity is unbelievable, I can feel a change a coming.  I need a transeasonal skirt and I found one in the form of a free sewing pattern from a Peppermint Magazine and In the Folds collaboration.


How cute is this? ¬†It’s a pleated skirt with lovely big pockets. ¬†I love it, but does it love me?

I am often unsure about this shape on me. ¬†I am a pear with a tum, was this going to just exaggerate the bits I’m not keen on? ¬†I took a gamble and gave it a go.

I usually make a toile but in this instance I didn’t. ¬†It’s a forgiving pattern so I followed the pattern sizing and opted for a C, which is a size 10. ¬†Normally I would grade out one size for my hips but with the pleating and volume in the skirt I just went for it and cut the straight C. ¬†I am thrilled to say, it’s a really great fit. ¬†I can’t remember the last time I made something without some serious alterations. ¬†The only tweek I made was, unsurprisingly, to the length. ¬†I reduced the length by¬†6cm¬†and it sits perfectly on the knee.

I didn’t buy new fabric for this pattern, I raided my stash. ¬†I love the patterned fabric in the magazine but I wanted something plain. ¬†I KNOW… plain! ¬†Sometimes you just have to put the patterned fabric aside.

This stash fabric was found at my local charity shop. I think it cost me the princely sum of $3. ¬†Always hard to know exactly what it is, but I would say it’s some kind of brushed cotton mix with a very subtle herringbone texture running through it. ¬†And it’s purple. Yes, that surprised me too. I am generally not a lover of purple.




The fabric was a bugger to work with.  It was quite drapey and moved around a lot.  It also kept collecting ironing marks, so pressing was an issue throughout the whole process. I think the pleats could do with sharpening up with the iron but I was too eager to wear it to be bothered with that!


The pattern itself was pretty awesome. ¬†I haven’t done much pleating before, I have never really fancied them. ¬†The pleating was a¬†bit fiddly but with some proper chalking¬†up it was easy to follow. ¬†The top stitching down was a great idea as it flattens the pleats and takes out the volume round your tum. Top marks for instructions and design as always!


But the big question is, does my bum look big in this?

note: crazy kids making me laugh here!

Answer: Yes, probably, maybe, not sure… but really who cares?

I like it. I like the colour and I like the fact that I swish around in it. I love the fact that it has giant pockets. Time to embrace a new silhouette I think!



Video tutorials are not my forte (but Parsley Pants are)!

My lovely friend Sara has been inspired to sew. She said it is down to loving all the gear I make for her 3 year old son Dexter!  A compliment indeed Рif my makes or my blog inspires one person to sew then I see that as a MASSIVE achievement.

She made a cushion recently and then said “what next?” I suggested Parsley Pants by Made by Rae. They are definitely an easy sew for a beginner. They are a 2 piece pattern at its most basic level.

The printed instructions are simple to follow but there is nothing like seeing it done in real life. As we couldn’t get together (Australia to England is a long haul for a sewing lesson!) I decided to video a tutorial. I will NOT¬†be sharing it here. It’s totally ridiculous, in about twenty parts and by god, my northern accent is strong – why didn’t anyone tell me? There goes my hopes of TV stardom. (If nothing else she’ll have a laugh while following it.)

I have made so many pairs of Parsley Pants over the years РI have added knee patches, pouch pockets, box pleat pockets and the occasional tuxedo stripe. As you can see I favoured a knee pad and a superhero theme, there are more details about Captain Barnacles and Buzz Lightyear on the blog. He was so cute, why did he turn 3?


This is the pair I made for the tutorial. You might recognise the fabric, I made the My Dad’s¬†Gilet and Archie’s Adventure Pants out of it. A charity shop bargain to rival all bargains! It’s a heavy cotton drill, it seems to be going on and on!

I added the pouch¬†pockets to this version, along with some mint green topstitching. They look cute with this tee, not ‘me made’ I am afraid, but ironically sent by Sara from Boys & Girls (check them out, they have¬†some lovely gear!)

Clearly lost the iron at this point!
nice face!

If you want a quick and easy sew with the 70’s throwback look then this is the pattern for you! I am looking forward to seeing Sara’s make!