Twinkle toes

Not exactly sewing but a bit of fun all the same!

A couple of weeks ago I bought these rather boring boots at Manly Market for $5.



I wanted to make them really shine so I took inspiration from this awesome book, Adorn, 25 Stylish DIY Fashion Projects by Kit Lee and Shini Park (what great names!) and I invested in some pretty special shoelaces from Maverick Laces, the King of all Laces.

A bit of gold spray, some masking tape and the super special royal blue laces and this is the result.

I will be dazzling the school yard this winter!



The Captain Barnacles Suit

Bertie and I are off to see the Octonauts stage show this week. In honour of this epic event in our social calendar, I made him a Captain Barnacles outfit!  It was a real mishmash of patterns, the top is part of a girls dress and the pants are my favourite ‘Parsley Pants‘ pattern from Made by Rae. I used poly cotton for the main pieces in the two blue colours and decorated with wool felt.  The zip is by far the best feature, it’s a 1960’s zip found in a charity store in York (UK) for 50 pence. He is pretty pleased with it, having slept in it for days!