Talking repair with Sugru

I can not believe it’s been 18 months since my last blog post. I have a million and one excuses which I will not bore you with, although probably the most accurate would be procrastination. I have so many projects I have worked on during this time and so I have plenty to share it’s just that Instagram is so easy and requires less thought and, well, it’s instant!!

My humble blog came up in an interview I did on Sugru‘s blog back in May and since then I have been thinking that it may deserve some love and attention. So here we are.

Sugru blog – May 2021

What I wanted to share today was an interview I did with the founder and fixer in chief of Sugru, Jane Ni’ Dhulchaointigh. For those not in the know, Sugru is the world’s first mouldable glue (it’s awesome stuff) and the company is on a mission to promote repair. Sugru also stock my denim mending kits which is super exciting and during our chat, Jane showed me the work she has been doing on her own jeans.

It was a fun interview where we covered lots of topics, mainly around mending and repair, refashioning, my journey into a handmade wardrobe and working with second hand fabrics. I am very excitable in the interview and very northern!! Enjoy.

Next up…. tiger tiger

One thought

  1. Hi. Just had email from Sugru with details of a kit to learn Sashiko. Is the kit available from you here in Australia? If so, how do I order? Seems bit sad if I have to get it through UK. Cheers Sue


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