The Peaks Collection goes supersize!

I’ve just spent 3 fun-packed days at The Finders Keepers markets here in Sydney.

Sewing with Kate HR-5
Photo by Xero

It’s an incredible market, they champion creativity and support small local businesses like mine. Finders Keepers is also a key driver for Australia’s creative economy. On average, visitors to Finders Keepers inject over $1 million by supporting independent creative businesses each year.  It was a lengthy process to apply and to be accepted was such a thrill for me, only matched by actually doing the event.  Such an awesome weekend.

It was also the perfect platform to launch my latest design, The Peaks Collection XL kit.  It is the ultimate slow sewing project for the holiday season, it takes some time to complete but that’s the point, zone out, stitch away and let the family battle it out!

Sewing with Kate HR-7
Photo by Xero

There are 2 variations available in this kit, the hills and the mountain.

The hills design was inspired by my hometown of Sheffield in Yorkshire.  Sheffield is a city of hills, apparently it is built on 7 of them. This is a much debated topic but all I know is that it’s a hilly city and we all have very good calf muscles!

The 7 hills design

The mountain design which I like to refer to as the ‘Three Peaks’ represents the mountains of Whernside, Ingleborough and Pen-y-ghent a group of mountains collectively known as the Three Peaks based in the Yorkshire Dales.  I have climbed those beautiful mountains many times (read, been dragged up and down as a teen with my parents). I may have complained enormously at the time but it’s not hard to be inspired by them, even if I was listening to Nirvana on my walkman and grunting at my Mum. 

The Three Peaks design

I had so many amazing comments at the markets about these samples, most people wanting to buy them outright.  It has an impact and will work beautifully as a clutch.  I was persuaded to sell both these samples on the last day.  Sorry to see them go to be honest but I know those customers will love them and that’s a great feeling.

Check out my Etsy store if you are keen on having a go at this project.  As you know once you have learnt this Sashiko technique, it’s easy to apply this to any other craft or mending project.  There are two colour thread options available, white & light blue thread or light blue & airforce blue thread, with a variety of lining fabrics ranging from floral, stripe or plain fabrics.

Kit contents

Happy holidays!  See you on the other side x



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