My boxy cropped top – channelling the 80’s!

I have been wanting to use this amazing Japanese pattern book for some time and have never quite got there, until now! As I only speak about 3 words of Japanese (through no want of trying, I did study at night school and was embarrassingly crap), I had no idea what my latest Japanese pattern book said.


The book did suggest (by taking a peak inside) that it contained patterns of standard size garments with an oversize companion. Further investigation by way of IG friends suggested it said,  “1. Wear big clothes, 2. Wear small clothes, 3. A book with which you can enjoy clothes of different sizes.”  Wow, what a title eh!

The picture below should clarify it: standard size voluminous top, oversized companion.


The Pattern:

There is a wealth of lovely patterns; some tops and dresses, a couple of pairs of pants, a sweatshirt and hoodie, a t-shirt, two jackets and a shirt. There are 24 patterns in total, not  bad for $30.


I settled on a v-necked top.  It has an 80’s vibe and I really love the little pocket and the small v-back.  A quick and easy sew with no fastenings either.


The Fabric:

I had some super special fabric for this pattern.  It was a piece given to me by Vishruti of Fibers to Fabric.  This is a new shop to me, although they have been trading for a few years now.  The shop is on Etsy, you should check it out.  Some really beautiful hand block printed fabrics, pure Indian cottons and the most beautiful selection of Ikats.  I was thrilled to receive this Ikat, it took me ages to decide which to choose.

This fabric is super soft and was a dream to sew and I just love the electric blue chevrons on the black base.  It has that 80’s vibe which works so well with the pattern I had chosen.


NB: This fabric (and much of the fabric in the store) is on sale at the moment with 50% off!

So here it is.  It looks like this photo was taken on a warm sunny day but no… it’s very cold, about 12 degrees which is cold for Sydney.  I  can’t wait for it to warm up so I can wear this.

2018-07-01 10.42.42-1
Easy to wear with a high waisted skirt
2018-07-01 10.42.46-1
You can see the boxy and cropped shape of the top here
2018-07-01 10.42.49-1
I love this cute little back V neck, it’s not as low as the front which is a nice touch
2018-07-01 10.45.07-1
Bias binding hem detail

I made one modification to the pattern.  I wanted a cropped and boxy top so I eliminated the curved hem line.  Instead I added a piece of piece binding to finish the hem.

2018-07-01 10.44.53-1
Pocket detail

The pocket is super cute.  I cut the fabric in the opposite direction to break up the front and add some interest.  I do think, though, that the pocket placement is too high.  If I make this again I think I will alter this, it probably needs to be dropped by about 5cm.

It’s a cute pattern and was a quick and easy sew as it has no fastenings.  I also really love the fabric, I would really like to make a dress with this fabric as it’s so lightweight and soft.  I can see this becoming a staple in my wardrobe come summer (so come on summer, I am ready for you!)

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