Dungaree dress: the perfect uniform

While my height (and possibly age) may dictate that I really shouldn’t be wearing dungarees I just can’t help but love them.  Back in the 90’s when they were ‘all the rage’ I casually sported a multicoloured patchwork pair. I wore them with my Dr Marten boots a cropped tee and a beaded 70’s handbag.  Of course when you are young you can pretty much get away with such things.  Although I do wonder if my friends really liked me, surely they would have said something?

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.22.03 pm
Image: pinterest

But I am back exploring this idea again.  The main reason is that I need some utilitarian clothing for working in the new bakery that my husband is opening this week!  I want something that is simple to wear and something that is super hard wearing.  Useful and practical are, of course, the essence of utilitarian, but it would be an added bonus if they were lovely too, don’t you think?


My thinking moved me beyond the dungaree in trouser form and into a dungaree dress.  I think this would suit my figure much more. I turned to the Roberts Collection by Marilla Walker.  I pattern tested the jumpsuit element of this pattern collection a while ago so I already owned this lovely pattern.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.51.43 pm

I started by making a toile.  Made the usual adjustments, to the point where I wondered if I had over adjusted it.  I removed 8cm from the front bib and 4cm from the back.  I did this because I didn’t want the waistline to sit actually on my waist because it was cutting my across the largest part of my tummy.  I have essentially lifted the waistline.  This also meant I didn’t have to remove anything from the hemline (which is a first).  You would think that this would render the pockets too high, but I don’t think so.


I used some medium weight indigo denim from my stash. It’s probably a little bit thick from this project but I wanted something hardwearing.  I think this is originally a Spotlight purchase.  For the lining I used some scrap navy cotton from my stash which lines the bib and back facing.  For the pocket lining I used some blue linen I had.  They are different in colour and texture, but that’s fine by me.


Snaps are a fairly new concept for me.  I haven’t used them much before. I bought some antique brass snaps from Spotlight, the only option available.  The fabric is fairly thick so it was a challenge getting them in.  They look lovely but they don’t have the required ‘snap’.  I don’t think the quality is quite there.

I dropped Marilla a line to ask her advise.  She recommended the Hemline Heavy Duty snaps.  I managed to source the brass version them on eBay and ordered them.  Once they arrive it’s a case of remove and replace.

Here it is….

Thought I’d add a touch of 90’s.  I bought these clog when I travelling in the States circ. ’93!
Love those back straps!
Back view with pockets
Loving the snaps (but they just aren’t tough enough!)
You can see that the waist seam sits higher than originally designed.  It works better for me.

The ultimate test of this garment will be how it performs under bakery conditions and with multiple washes.  The Bakery opens on Friday so it will be put to the test pretty soon.

If you fancy trying some bread and necessities (that’s croissants to you and me!) Pop by and say hello to my hubby James and me.  I will be the one with the ever expanding waistline because, really who can resist a Pain au chocolat?

See you at Staple Bakery, Shop 1, 20-28 Montauban Ave, Seaforth in Sydney or follow the baking journey on Instagram @staple_bread.

8 thoughts

  1. I love the dress and the bread too. Wishing your hubby and yourself lots of baking success and when we eventually make it down under I will sooo look forward to visiting the bakery. Good luck!


  2. Loving the look of the dress !
    When you say you took 4 and 8 cms off, do you mean from the bottom of the pieces?
    I havent got the pattern yet, im still looking for a pattern that as you say, doesnt cut across the biggest /roundest part of me.
    I hope the bakery is keeping you busy 🙂


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