The denim clinic: mending my favourite jeans

I can’t throw these jeans away.  They aren’t particularly ‘cool’ but they are comfy and they fit me and I like them, so they are staying.

The problem with these jeans is that they are very light weight denim and so are wearing out at a very fast pace.  The only solution is to keep fixing.

They started out with a single knee patch, then a second knee patch and now I am onto fixing more knee thinning.




I patching it up, to strengthen the area.  I used some grey and white striped cotton fabric, a scrap I found in my box.  It’s a thin cotton and because I wasn’t at the studio and machine-less, I just used iron-on glue to secure the piece. I left the edges raw.  Just because.



I used the white lines in the stripe to guide the straight lines of sashiko stitching.  I thought I would experiment with the crosses.  I think it paid off.  The white rows were an afterthought, aiming to pull it all together.  You can see there is one row of straight stitching.  Clearly I missed that row, oh well, happy accident!

Can you spot the straight stitch row?
Close up


If you are wanting some visible mending on your favourite jeans,  just drop me a line.  I am happy to help.


6 thoughts

  1. Discovering your blog with such delight !! I love mending (i never throw away clothes, I love doing visible repair), and I adore sashiko. Then the two toegether ? i’m in love. I’m trying to repair my jeans, and because I’m always on my bike, it’s the crotch that is wearing out. i’m doing the hot glue and patch inside, sewing on top (machine because the fabric is so thick but also doing sashiko by hand). If you have any ideas or suggestions, I’d love it !


    1. Thank you Lulu! I’m thrilled to hear you enjoy my blog. I am all for using various techniques together to mend. It’s a good idea to secure the area really well with patching and machine stitches before starting Sashiko. There are so many lovely stitches to choose from, the denser the pattern the more successful the repair. I really love freeform Sashiko for mending around the crotch area.


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