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On 24 April 2013, 1,134 people were killed and over 2,500 were injured when the Rana Plaza complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This is when Fashion Revolution was born.  They believe that 1,134 is too many people to lose in one factory and not stand up and demand change.

The factory collapse led to people all over the world asking questions about their clothes. Who made them? Where? With what pay and conditions? With what environmental consequences? What kinds of lives do garment workers live?  Do things have to be like this? Does all of the fashion industry source its clothes from places like the Rana Plaza? What can we do as consumers and as citizens if we don’t like what we find?

I encourage you to read all about it on the Fashion Revolution website.  There is a quick link on my tab bar, just look left!  Or you can click through this link here.

I was introduced to Fashion Revolution by Emily from In The Folds.  She is passionate about the ethical and sustainable impacts of the fashion industry. She has written a wonderful blog post all about it which I encourage you to read.  Check it out.

If you are an Instagram junkie like me, you will see there is an Instagram photo challenge running next week through @Inthefolds, I will be helping a little too. Please join in, it should be lots of fun.  There are also prizes to be won at the end of the week.  There is no agenda’s here, it’s all about raising awareness for Fashion Revolution.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.46.12 AM

For Sydneysiders, I noticed that there is a showing of the documentary “The True Cost” by The Forest Justice Project.  I have never seen this documentary so I thought I might pop along as all proceeds go to victims of the collapse.  Anyone want to join me?





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  1. I know its a little harder as a lot of fabric is not labelled well, but we should take these things into consideration for fabric too. Textile workers often don’t have it much better than their garment making friends.


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