The Rushcutter hack

I have been hacking again. Not in the clever, nerdy or illegal way, just in a small way with some fabric and an awesome pattern.

I have been wanting to make the Rushcutter dress pattern into a top for a while, ever since I made my first Rushcutter dress.

My first Rushcutter made from pre-loved fabric

It lends itself well to a top, it’s quite voluminous so perfect for hiding those wobbly bits (my stomach not my boobs!).


I had a lovely lightweight denim from Joys Fabric Warehouse. I bought it with my Frocktails Raffle ticket win (hooray)! It’s a great fabric with a lovely drape. I knew it was going to be good when I washed it and no white lines appeared, you know how it sometimes can with denim.

I also wanted to use the last scraps of my gorgeous vintage floral drill.  I had patched my jeans and made a skirt with it and all I needed was a little bit.



I used View A of the Rushcutter, it’s my preferred version.  I do like the sleeveless version but there is something rather wonderful about these sleeves.  I just can’t resist them.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 7.31.33 pmThere was very little to do in order to hack this dress.  Obviously reduce the length.  I went for a hip length which means no need to deal with pockets.

I also had to change the back panel.  I didn’t need a full invisible zip so I closed the back panel seams on my pattern piece and cut it on the fold. This gave me the option of whether to add a short invisible zip or a button closure.  I chose the button closure, mainly because I didn’t have the right size zip to hand and also I really liked the pop of the emerald green button.  Either would have worked but I like this option.  And that was the only change.

I love the emerald green button here!

Here it is in it’s full glory!  I really love the floral panel.  I know, it’s impossible for me to make anything plain.  Must try harder…

I am wearing this with my Esther Shorts (Tessuti Fabric pattern), maybe a matching pair is in order!
I like the volume in this top, but it does mean you have to wear something slimmer on the bottom half to balance it.



Of course, I couldn’t resist some sky blue bias binding throughout (don’t look too closely!)

I know I am going to wear this to death.  It’s such a great fabric and I really like this shape. More of these to come I think.





15 thoughts

  1. You beat me to it! I swear today I said to myself: “I should make a Rushcutter top, why didn’t I think if this sooner?” and there is your blog post! I love the result, looks great! I am keen to try one in a ponte knit, with a tighter fit, as a warm winter top, hoping that will work too…


  2. OMG! You beat me to it as well! I’ve had that on my to do list for a while too! Great minds!

    I was hoping to use a heavier winter weight fabric too. Ponte is a good idea! I love the floral touch too… xxx


  3. Oh man I love this so much! This is just my idea of perfection. I have totally lost my sewing mojo, must find a way to get that little minx back and then maybe a top like this will be in my not too distant future


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