A place to call home

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I have been working out of a dark and gloomy corner of my bedroom for years, and with my sewing obsession in full flow and the corner of my bedroom overflowing with projects, it’s time to move out.

I would love to say we moved home, from our tiny two bedroom apartment to a lovely big house with lots of bedrooms and a sewing room just for me.  But who are we kidding here, I live in Sydney.  The most expensive city in the world (well, actually it’s 20th, but you get the picture!)

So I found a little place to work, I found a studio space among a bunch of creative types and piled all my stuff in there.  It’s a place to prep and teach my sewing classes, a place to work on my blog, a place to spread out and sew obsessively without interruption (its also about 5 minutes from my house!)

What makes it even more joyous is that Emily from In the Folds is also in this studio space.  This means I can interrupt her with a quick cuppa and generally obsess about sewing with her, hooray!

Today, I completed my first sewing workshop in the new space.  It was the Brooklyn Pattern Co. Henry Dress Sew-along and I just wanted to post the photos of our day. We had such a good laugh on a very wet Sydney Sunday.

I am very proud of my students, some have almost no sewing experience so to achieve such awesome results is just incredible. Whoop Whoop… well done girls x



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