Kollabora interview with little ol’ me!

I was thrilled recently when Kollabora contacted me to ask if I would feature in the “Meet the Maker” segment on their site.

I am a big fan of Kollabora, it is a great resource for sewists like me.  It is basically a maker community that unites crafter and DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels. It’s where you get to be inspired, share projects, buy patterns and connect to a larger creative community whether it’s a knitter, sewer, embroider, crafter, the list goes on and on….

I had a quick scan through the Kollabora blog and felt a little out of my depth, there is some serious talent.  But, I went for it and quite enjoyed the process.  It’s quite a cathartic process having to answer detailed questions about yourself.  I did read it back and wonder if I sounded a bit nuts.

Have a read and see what you think. Hopefully there is something in there to ‘tickle your fancy’*

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 3.01.52 pm
To read the full interview click here…




(* awesome saying of the week)


5 thoughts

  1. I know you won’t believe me but thanks to ‘little o’l you’ the boys make me a cushion every year for Christmas and we have bought a sewing machine. Keep spreading the love girlfriend. dx


  2. Baaaaaaaabe… Total and utter. So pleased you were featured! And I’m a Frankie lover too, I’m even a subscriber. And I am wayyyyy to old, I’m sure. You are too kind to note me in your Aussie bloggers, but I’m glad you did LOL! We really need to sort out a fabric shopping trip in Sydney soon. Real soon xxxx


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