An ode to pineapple (fabric)!


Summer is here.  Well, actually it’s still a bit hit and miss but the pineapples are in the markets and my kids annual pineapple obsession has begun!

I love a pineapple, along with a lobster, a slice of watermelon, a parrot, a cactus and a pink flamingo.  Everything that screams SUNSHINE in far away retro places, a thing I yearned for as a teen in the often grey, industrial North of England.

I have also been seeing the odd piece of pineapple fabric popping up on my instagram feed and I have to say, I am loving it.  I wanted to reference a couple of pieces here to show you just how lovely these Australian sewing bloggers are. They are not afraid of pattern and colour – YAY girls!

The first dress is called “The pineapple dress of happiness” I love everything about this. Jillian loves a boxy shape and is not afraid of a bold statement fabric. She is a favourite blogger of mine, check it out, it’s rather brilliant and very funny.

You should also check out this Rosari pineapple skirt on Kirsty’s blog Top Notch. Oh my life, it’s such a great fabric and don’t you just love the 70’s inspired pattern?  Kirsty also has a penchant for Liberty fabric, read it and weep people, she has a fabulous sense of style!

As luck would have it, my friend asked me to make her a top for a fancy dress party and passed me this crazy pineapple fabric from Spotlight.


She wanted a small top to go with a giant skirt, kinda Carmen Miranda style, I had the perfect pattern!  This amazing 1970’s Betsey Johnson pattern has been sitting in my collection for years and I have never really had the guts to make it for myself.  My friend is young and fearless – I was making this for her!

A Betsey Johnson no less! A steal for a few bucks.


You can quite clearly see there is no pattern matching going on here.  I just didn’t want her to have an enormous pineapple over each boob.  It is ridiculous, but I thoroughly enjoyed making it even though the fabric was a slippery sucker.



I am not 100% convinced I could pull off this pattern, but what it does make me wonder, is pineapple fabric for me?

The answer most definitely is YES!

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