Video tutorials are not my forte (but Parsley Pants are)!

My lovely friend Sara has been inspired to sew. She said it is down to loving all the gear I make for her 3 year old son Dexter!  A compliment indeed – if my makes or my blog inspires one person to sew then I see that as a MASSIVE achievement.

She made a cushion recently and then said “what next?” I suggested Parsley Pants by Made by Rae. They are definitely an easy sew for a beginner. They are a 2 piece pattern at its most basic level.

The printed instructions are simple to follow but there is nothing like seeing it done in real life. As we couldn’t get together (Australia to England is a long haul for a sewing lesson!) I decided to video a tutorial. I will NOT be sharing it here. It’s totally ridiculous, in about twenty parts and by god, my northern accent is strong – why didn’t anyone tell me? There goes my hopes of TV stardom. (If nothing else she’ll have a laugh while following it.)

I have made so many pairs of Parsley Pants over the years – I have added knee patches, pouch pockets, box pleat pockets and the occasional tuxedo stripe. As you can see I favoured a knee pad and a superhero theme, there are more details about Captain Barnacles and Buzz Lightyear on the blog. He was so cute, why did he turn 3?


This is the pair I made for the tutorial. You might recognise the fabric, I made the My Dad’s Gilet and Archie’s Adventure Pants out of it. A charity shop bargain to rival all bargains! It’s a heavy cotton drill, it seems to be going on and on!

I added the pouch pockets to this version, along with some mint green topstitching. They look cute with this tee, not ‘me made’ I am afraid, but ironically sent by Sara from Boys & Girls (check them out, they have some lovely gear!)

Clearly lost the iron at this point!
nice face!

If you want a quick and easy sew with the 70’s throwback look then this is the pattern for you! I am looking forward to seeing Sara’s make!

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