Anyone can do it….sewing on a budget!

As you know, I am obsessed with sewing.  It’s a problem and therefore if I really indulged it, it could be a very expensive habit.  But for me, it is not.  I don’t have the luxury of a large income, but what I do have is an eye for a bargain, some creative nouse and a ‘can do’ attitude.

I am working again on my Christmas sewing list, after the roaring success of my gilet (thank you for all the amazing comments), I wanted something a little more girlie to sew.  This project has hit all my criteria, not only is it cute, pink and girlie, it has also been VERY cost effective.

I scored this amazing fabric at a charity store, I think it was probably some 60’s bedding?  It has no wear or tear, in really good condition and no fading so it may actually be a modern take on a vintage fabric. Either way, I love it and for $1, it had to be mine.


I had asked my 7 year old niece what she wanted, there was no hesitation, she wanted the Henry dress from Brooklyn Pattern Company.  It’s such a great dress and I have made it a few times, so an easy sew for me.  Remember these little lovelies I made for the Henry Dress blog tour?


I wanted some contrasting pocket fabric.  Again the fabric I found was from the Charity store, it’s a lovely pale pink stripe.


I know, I know, I should have pattern matched, but really does it matter here?  I think it works well just as it is.




You can just see a hint of mint green cotton I used for the neck facing.  I found that bit in my scrap box.

I will be generous here and say that all up with fabric and thread this dress would have cost under $4. Now that is sewing on a budget! (Of course, this doesn’t account for my time which is obviously priceless!)

A successful Christmas present?  I think that’s a resounding YES from me, what do you think?

5 thoughts

  1. OMG I need an adult sized one. In fact if you search my blog for “sunshine on a rainy day” you’ll find my adult version and I’m not even joking. Do it! LOL! It’s gorgeous and your niece is one lucky girl xxx


    1. Omg Jullian – j absolutely love your sunshine dress! I can’t believe an adult version on this exists AND I must make this right away. Those ruffles and those pockets are epic! Can we meet for a cuppa in your sunshine dress on a rainy day x


      1. Bwahahaha! I hear you. I try not to combine wine and typing for the same reason. We totally have to meet up in our sunshiney dresses. Make one and I’ll be there 🙂


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