A gilet? I had to google that!

There are 10 weeks until Christmas and so my Christmas sewing is in full swing!  It feels like I am being terribly organised, but far from it, I have so much more to do, eek!

A few weeks ago I asked my Mum what Dad would like me to make him for Christmas.  It was a long shot, I just couldn’t imagine what he would want.  When she emailed back with the word ‘gilet’, I had to google it!  For those of you who have no idea, a gilet is a sleeveless jacket. Her exact words were, “nothing fancy, just something rough and ready, he wants something with lots of pockets for the garden.”

My Dad has 3 loves in his life, in no particularly order they are cycling, gardening and his family. So I was thrilled to be at least covering off one out of 3.

My Dad is a very passionate gardener.  When I first moved to Australia he used to send me polaroids of all the vegetables he had grown, often placed in unusual scenes, like a courgette in his bike water bottle holder, or a pumpkin balancing on his handle bars. He has subsequently found Instagram so I now have daily vegetable updates! (yes, that is Jessie from Toy Story in a tree!)


So, a gilet it is! I found a pattern on Ebay.  It’s by Kwik Sew.  Ironically it has 17 pattern pieces, not sure ‘kwik’ exactly sums it up.  But it did answer the brief, it has lots of pockets!  It even has some strange pocket on the back, what could possibly go in there?



I must admit, I was a little bit overwhelmed by the prospect of so many pieces and so many pockets.  Generally, I like a simple sew, I don’t have the time or patience for ‘faff’.  But it was a challenge and it had to be done!


I had the perfect green cotton drill fabric that I found in the charity store for $1 a metre.  The ‘Yorkshire man’ in my Dad would be proud of such a bargain! I had used it on a previous sew, a pair of trousers for Archie and I had plenty left.  There was also plenty of top stitching to be done so I thought a bit of bright orange would work perfectly here.  Here is a shot of my first pocket.

Once I got into the swing of it, it wasn’t so bad.  It was not a difficult sew, just time consuming with all the pockets.  I have never used a Kwik Sew pattern before and the instructions were really well done.  It was very easy to follow.  So, here it is…..



If you look very carefully you will notice that I cheated a bit.  I removed a couple of the ‘pockets on pockets’ from the bottom right.  Who needs ‘pockets on pockets’ twice?



I also didn’t add a pocket flap on one pocket, just incase he needed an open pocket for something tall.  I did add his initials on there, just for a bit of fun!

I love that the zip pockets actually give you access to the whole of the inside of the jacket.  I know my Dad, if it’s cold he will no doubt be stuffing something in there to keep him warm – maybe a hot water bottle or a warm cornish pasty!

I also completely ignored the back pocket.  Until someone gives me a valid use for said pocket, I will think nothing more of it!!


I even managed to get Monty to model it for me, I love his facial expression!!

I am really pleased with the final result.  It is ‘rough and ready’, if you look carefully the top stitching isn’t all that crash hot.  But I know my Dad will wear it and he will think of me every time he puts it on.  That’s job done in my book!

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