A toad, giraffe, moth and an octopus!

When Tessuti Fabric released this Fossetti Fantasia Ponti fabric, I knew it had to be mine!  How can you not love something with a bird-headed giraffe, a toad dressed in Edwardian clothes and an octopus shooting pistols?


I sped down to Tessuti a day or so later only to find that they had a remnant left, 60cm to be precise.  I bought it without question.  I can use 60cm, I just needed a strong idea and a simple pattern.

After weeks of deliberation, I decided to revert to an old favourite, the colour block dress from the Japanese pattern book Casual Sweet Clothes (the cover image.) It’s a favourite of mine because its shapeless and I love a shapeless dress, hides all sorts of horrors that lurk beneath.


I was holding my breath as I laid out the bottom panel – I can’t believe it fitted!  I suppose that is the joys of being short.


As I only had 60cm, I needed to complementary fabric. I chose the charcoal jersey ponti from Tessuti, I bought one metre, it worked perfectly.

So here it is in it’s whimsical glory.  It’s quite full on, but I am pleased that the grey is close to my face and not the pattern.  Not sure I would have been able to pull that off!

Don’t you just love those pink shoes!!



I decided to avoid the buttonhole at all costs. Just wasn’t sure how the ponti would hold a button, I thought it might stretch too much. I cheated! I stitched the button on top to hold the fabric closed. It fits over my head so it doesn’t need to be usable! I really like the shocking pink oversized button.


It didn’t stop there!

I had just enough of both fabrics to make something else. It had to be a tee, quite tight fitting (eek) as I was short on fabric. I settled on the Lane Raglan Tee from Hey June. I had to make it short sleeved, working with what I had.  I am really pleased with the result (even if I had to do the neckline twice!)

I still think that neckline should be flatter!


Not bad for 60cm of whimsical loveliness don’t you think?

4 thoughts

  1. Kate – I’m becoming envious of your wonderful wardrobe! Love the dress, but so love that there was just enough to make that shirt….But wait there’s more!!! Clever clogs!


  2. Utterly perfect! Love both pieces and agree with the faux buttonhole closure. I’m yet to find a Japanese top/dress pattern that truly needs an opening. Do we have small heads??!!


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