Pink to make the boys wink!

I love a refashion and I have loved taking part in The Refashioners 2015! There have been some amazing refashions and it has been so inspirational, if you haven’t checked it out, then do!

I managed three items for this challenge, a light blue herringbone shirt , a white Japanese style shirt and now this pink little number!

I found this delicious linen shirt at the charity shop. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s salmon or rose or bubblegum or candy floss pink. Whatever it’s called, it’s gorgeous and looks horrific on me! I knew as I held it up to my face that it was all wrong, massive clash with my skin tone and orange hair, but I just couldn’t resist!


If it wasn’t for me, then it had to be a girlie number, something for my little niece and as she is only 12 months old, I had plenty of fabric to go at. It could have so easily been a dress, but I decided on the Compagnie M, Charles dungarees.

I made them out of the main body of the shirt and used the last scraps of my Nani Iro fabric for the facing.

Front of the dungarees and straps
Back of the pants

I was also hit with the problem of a pocket which had to be removed in order to make one back piece.  I tried a little tip from the Makery website about removing stitch marks, this seemed to work a treat!

This is PRE-tip I might add!!

I would love to say they were an easy sew but I am afraid not. There are a lot of elements and they really were a labour of love. I have made the Charles ‘pants’ version before and I struggled with a couple of elements.  Luckily there are some online tutorials on the Compagnie M website, a must when attempting the waistband!

So here they are.  The cuteness of them blows me away and they look so much better in real life (if that’s possible)!

Here I am, just for some perspective really!
That waistband was a real challenge!
The Nani Iro facing!

Not only is this the LAST of my refashions but it is also the FIRST of my Christmas presents (remember my Christmas present challenge?)  Although, maybe not ideal for an English winter!!

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