Vintage fabric + dress hack = quick win!

I love a quick win! Not sure if it’s because I am so time poor or because I have little patience for complicated patterns. It’s probably a bit of both.

I often find the simplest patterns are my biggest successes, I think this top could be one of those. I know I will wear this to death!


This top is a dress hack. It is based on the colour block shift (front cover) from the Japanese pattern book, Casual Sweet Clothes by Noriko Sasahara.


I have made this dress before, one of my favourite dresses in fact, my lobster dress!

I wanted a slightly oversize top which covers all those ‘bits’! You know the ‘bits’ I mean, the muffin-top stomach and the wobbly thighs. So I cut it slightly longer than I normally would.

Instead of adding the back detail button of bow as the book suggests I completely skipped this and just cut the back piece on the fold.  It doesn’t need a back fastening as it easily slips over your head. This also means only 4 pattern pieces; front, back, front facing and back facing.


I bought the beautiful fabric from a vintage store in the UK. It has a lovely drape and is quite silky to touch. It is heavier than silk, but I really couldn’t say what the fabric type is (Mum, where are you when I need these questions answered??)

But it’s the pattern and the subtle colours than won me over. I had dreamed up so many incarnations for this fabric but in the end the fabric had to be hero and so I chose this shape for its sheer simplicity.


Don’t you just love a quick win?

5 thoughts

  1. Oh this is brilliant Kate! I absolutely agree with quick wins. And also allowing simple patterns to allow beautiful fabrics to shine. And that lobster dress! I have never been attracted to that pattern, but now, woah, I’m gonna find some cool fabric and go for it!


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