14 weeks until Christmas!

It sounds like an age away, but in sewing terms this is not very long at all! Just to add that bit more stress to my life, I have decided to make most, if not all, of this years Christmas presents.

There are a few reasons for this;

  1. Most of the kids and some of the adults I make for actually wear the stuff I make, or so I think. Maybe they just dress up in said item for an obligatory photo!
  2. I like the challenge of making a variety of items that I wouldn’t normally make. I am talking here of girlie clothes, I have 4 nieces!
  3. My fabric stash is out of control. It needs to be used, as space is at a premium in our shoebox Sydney apartment.
  4. I am skint! Christmas is a horrifyingly huge expense. The sheer enormity of it makes me feel a bit sick. So to make something quite lovely from a piece of fabric I bought at a bargain price makes me do a little personal hi-5.

Of course my time doesn’t count, if that had a cost value in this challenge, each item would cost at least a hundred dollars. But I thought I would keep a record, just to see what the true cost of Christmas is for us. I love a challenge and as an ex-producer I really love a budgeting spreadsheet (sad but true!)

Here is a tiny selection of the base fabric I have to go at.

Wish me luck!

6 thoughts

  1. Last Xmas, for the first time, I made all the women in my family (which is admittedly small) gorgeous, individually detailed Furoshiki bags (you can search my blog for them if you’re interested). Each was different and took note of the recipient’s fave colours and prints. They were so well received! It made me feel like trying again this year, but lord, sometimes it’s hard to figure out gifts that aren’t too crazily time intensive. Xmas is crazy enough already! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Oh and I hear you on the apartment living – Snap!


    1. Jillian – I totally love the Furoshiki bags, I am DEFINITELY making some of them. The fabric choice was just gorgeous and the leather is a lovely touch. If mine are only half as good I will be happy! Thanks for the message x


  2. I have the similar coniptions about Christmas! I grew up in a small (my mum, sister and I) non Christmas celebrating family so it was always an exotic mystery to me. I fudged it together after my daughter was born but then met my now husband with his THREE kids! Cue ‘oh my god but where does the money come from for all the things?!’. I did handmade last year and it was a really grounding excercise for all the reasons you mention. We also did a handmade secret Santa as well – I was knackered by the end but so happy I did it. Good luck!


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