Another refashion (or is it just fixing a big old mess!)


I was totally inspired by The Refashioners 2015.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you really must pop over to Portia’s blog and absorb the creative sewing talent on show.  It makes me want to ‘make over’ all my sewing disasters and so here is one I just fixed up!

Although this probably isn’t strictly a refashion (i.e. a men’s shirt to something for me), it is definitely a refashion of a shirt I made for myself about a year ago.  This particular shirt was made from the most beautiful double gauze white cotton that I bought from Tessuti Fabric years ago.  I was quite excited about making this shirt, I don’t wear them often. So when I found this pattern, I thought that this was the beginnings of my new shirt wearing career.  Unfortunately, I was wrong!

The pattern ‘Long-sleeved Shirt with Chinese Collar’ is from a book called Simple Modern Sewing by Shufu To Seikatsu Sha. It’s a great book, I have used it many times, infact I used it for my first refashion.


But when I tried it on it just wasn’t me, it shouted ‘depressed Victorian artist’.  Something about the sleeves convinced me it was all wrong and the length wasn’t great either.  I tried adding some black buttons to the bottom half to add some interest.  No, that wasn’t doing it either. The thing is, I quite like the collar and the gathering around the shoulders so it was a case of chopping.

BEFORE (the sunglasses are hiding a very tired face!)

I went for a cropped style, it’s probably a little Japanese inspired now.  I reduced the sleeves to a more flattering 3/4 length and applied a 5cm machine stitched hem which I like (no hand stitching here!)


I then cropped the shirt length by about 12cm and removed the last button. This left me with an exposed button hole.  I found a scrap of mint green stripe fabric and covered the button hole, I kinda like that.


But it needed more, so I added a pocket topped with some pink bias binding. The pocket is the same fabric, I found a scrap of it in my stash.  It looks like a different colour, but I thinks it’s just that its not been messed with and washed twice as the shirt has. Finally I switched the buttons to navy blue, it’s a subtle change, but it works much better.

Bertie – “Can I have my dinner?” Me – “Sorry love, I am very busy directing your 10 year old brother in taking this shot for my blog”

I should have done this sooner – the ‘depressed Victorian artist’ shirt has been staring at me for at least a year and now I have a shirt that I will actually wear. I just wish it would warm up a tad so I can start my new shirt wearing career!


14 thoughts

  1. I can’t believe the difference! I don’t really know you at all 🙂 but the new version seems so much more you. I’d happily steal it by the way, but then it’s not a surprise since I love a boxy, slightly cropped top.


  2. Wow, that looks like a completely different shirt – definitely a proper refashion, you’ve put a lot of thought into it and totally transformed the shirt you started with! Oh and I should have said upfront: I love it! Of course dinner must wait!


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