Bakers delight

In all our years together I have never made my other half anything to wear. There are a few reasons for this.  Firstly, he is a giant and I am not sure I could handle the copious amounts of fabric required to make him something.  Secondly, I am not sure he would ever really like it and then would feel obliged to wear it, because he’s nice like that. Finally, he has never asked. So, when he did ask me if I could make him an apron, I was all over it…like a rash!


I found this gorgeous ticking in the charity shop, about 2 metres in total and it cost me about $6.  Bargain! I couldn’t imagine what to make it with when I first bought it, pyjamas seemed like a good option but an apron is definitely the better.


I found this pattern in a great book about the BBC Great British Sewing Bee show. I am a huge fan, I really enjoy the refashion part surprisingly! There are quite a few good patterns in it too, a particular favourite is by one contestant who now has her own glorious blog and pattern company called Tilly and the Buttons, you should check her out. And, of course I just love Patrick!


It’s a very simple construction with just the front piece, a pocket and some homemade bias binding. I didn’t bother making a pattern, I just drew it straight on the fabric.


That’s the joys of a striped fabric, its pretty easy to follow the lines.  I added the pocket piece and used the horizontal stripe just for some contrast.  I made the bias binding as I had loads of fabric left. In hindsight, I think a plain denim would have looked better. The instructions were super easy to follow, I love a quick win and this was definitely quick!


So here is James, modelling his new apron.  He insisted that I shoot him next to the love of his life, his wood fired oven, or the ‘widow maker’ as I have named it.



His interest obsession with sourdough bread and his wood fired oven is only rivalled by my passion for sewing.  He pretends to be interested in my sewing and I pretend to be interested in his bread making, it seems to work perfectly.  Although I have a sneaky suspicion that I get the better deal – have you seen the bread I eat?

Bread by James AKA baked@138 – check him out on Instagram!




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