Shoulder pads worthy of Krystal Carrington!

All has been a bit quiet on the SWK blog, mainly because I have been sunning myself in Byron Bay, the home of all hippies and the place where I was married 10 years ago.  So, armed with children and husband we donned our flip flops and off we went.

I find it very difficult to relax.  If I have any precious downtime, I will rush to the machine or read sewing blogs or trawl Instagram for sewing inspiration, I am not obsessed at all.  This wasn’t an option, no machine and minimal internet.  So when I did have a moment to myself, I hit a vintage clothes shop.  Oh, how I love a vintage clothes shops.

There is one particular gem close to Byron Bay, in Mullumbimby, called The Silver Lining.  It really is a treasure trove of gloriousness.  I could have spent hours in there. I didn’t though as I was getting hounded by the masses, so I made a quick purchase of a 1980’s grey and nude pink check jacket.

It fits really well, but it has one major drawback, it has massive shoulder pads. I love a shoulder pad as much as the next women, but I am not sure they love me back!  They would have to go, I look like a box!




I imagined an easy job of removing the pads, but no, it was a big mass of foam which disintegrated as I pulled it away – yuk!


Thinking this would be all I needed to do, I tried it on again but it still looked wrong as the shoulder seam was in the wrong place completely.  I do have narrow shoulder anyway so I decided to reset the arm holes. Sounds horrific! Of course I googled it, and found this fantastic tutorial from Sew for Dough on altering the shoulders on a jacket!

I pretty much followed the instructions to the letter. Job done.  Why have I never attempted this before?  It was so easy.





A subtle change perhaps, but well worth the effort, it softens the look of the jacket completely.

Farewell disintegrating foam, hello awesome jacket!

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