For the love of Henry!

I recently made some Henry dresses as part of the Brooklyn Pattern Company blog tour.  You might remember, they were pretty special.  I went a bit crazy and made 3, each with a slightly different style.

My sister snapped them up straight away for my niece who hates me.  Well she doesn’t hate me exactly, but she is extremely suspicious of me.  I was happy to hand them over as I will do anything to buy favour.

This left me with the little problem of my 4 year old model, Ava.  I needed to thank her for modelling, she was very patient! I knew she loved the ‘Sunshine & Lollypops’ version so I had a rummage through my stock pile and found a few choice pieces.

‘Sunshine & Lollypops’ – my Willy Wonka-esque Henry dress

There wasn’t much to go at, but certainly enough for a skirt. I had much more of the Nano Iro’s Pierre Pocho fabric, so I decided to use that for the body.  It’s a double gauze fabric, light and slightly transparent so a lining was in order. I thought that the waistband and pockets would work really well in the diagonal candy stripe ‘scrumptious’ fabric.

So I went back to the Henry dress pattern. Time to make this baby into a skirt.  There wasn’t much to do really.  I lowered the pocket placement on the side panels, leaving the pockets shallower than the original dress.  If I had been smarter I would have increased the length of the pocket facing but I am not and I didn’t!  They are still a usable pocket but not as deep as the dress version.  I added an elastic waistband and a lining and really that was it.

The skirt front with ‘scrumptious’ pockets
The skirt back in Nano Iro’s Pierre Pocho

I tentatively sent it to Erin of the Brooklyn Pattern Company, slightly unsure if this kind of thing was a ‘no go’.  I have worked with many creatives over the years in advertising and design so I know that messing with creative can be tricky business.  My apprehension was unfounded, these sewing creatives are totally rocking, she loved it!

Lets hope Ava feels the same!

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