Hat + ears = cuteness overload!

I love this hat pattern, the Cosy Winter Hood from the book Oliver +S “Little Things to Sew“.  Really what isn’t to love about it, it’s a hat with ears! I have made this hat many times over.  The first time I made it was for Bertie when he was about 18 months old.  I found a tweed skirt in my local charity shop and I was off, you know I love an upcycle. I lined it with some bamboo fleece from Bamboo Fabric Store and it became the cosiest hat around.  How cute does he look? He was cute once, that was before he turned 3!

Once, he was cute!


We then moved on to a super hero obsession so I converted the design into a bat hat! I redrew the ears, making them slightly more pointed and placed them backward, not anatomically correct but they looked more batman-esque! I used a black denim and lined it with some charcoal fleece. The denim wasn’t as successful as the tweed, there is no ‘give’ in the fabric. It doesn’t fit as well as the original.

Here in his homemade batman costume!
On second thoughts, is it more donkey than bat??

The third one I made was from a beautiful piece of blue wool I found at the charity shop, I tried it in the medium size this time (kids 4-6). It was way too big for Bertie, so it’s mine now! I love the contrast with the white bamboo fleece. I have to say, I haven’t been game enough to wear it out yet!

Bertie & me!

I have also taught one of my students to make this hat. It’s a great project for an enthusiastic sewer and not all that hard. It teaches sewing curved seams, lining a piece and basic construction. She did an awesome job with it.  She also insisted we wear our hats to all future sewing lessons – well at least I am game for that!

Sewing up a storm in our hats!
My student rocking her hat!

What I love about this hat is the options for adaptation. Playing around with the lining colour can totally transform this hat. It has a huge scope for upcycling anything at hand like a shrunk sweater or heavy wool skirt. But the most fun you can have is changing the ears, long skinny ears for a bunny, triangular ears for a cat or the best type of ears – bat ears, for your inner super hero!

2 thoughts

  1. How do you make the ears stand up so well? My wool coating and flannel lining is maybe not stiff enough. Do you think I could add vilene to stiffen the ears when I make another one?
    Thanks in advance!


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