Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge 2015

I am addicted to vintage sewing patterns.  I have hundreds. I am way to embarrassed to count them up! My love of vintage patterns started at an early age.  I really enjoyed rummaging through my Mum’s collection from the 60’s and 70’s. I would often steal a few ideas for my fashion design collection that I was putting together (I was 8).  I had grand ambitions to be a fashion designer.  Fortunately, the ambition into fashion left me, but the joy of vintage patterns never did. I don’t make as many vintage outfits as I would like, I used to make loads in the 90’s and then I kinda lost my mojo for it.  So when I spotted this on one of my favourite blogs, A Stitching Odyssey, I was in.


Here’s what you have to do.  MAKE THE PLEDGE YOUR OWN;

  1. Use your first vintage sewing pattern
  2. Sew up a specific pattern from your stash
  3. Explore patterns from a particular decade
  4. Have fun patterns from a certain range of decades
  5. Get creative with your vintage sewing patterns

This year, I, Kate, pledge to sew up at least 3 vintage patterns from my stash.  It’s out there, now I have no excuse.  Please hold me to it!

So just for the fun of it and to get us inspired, I thought I would show you this lovely number I made a few years ago. The pattern is for a girl’s apron, it was produced by an Australian company called Madame Weigel, her business running from 1878 to 1969 – wow!   It’s hard to date this pattern exactly, but I would say it’s mid 1950’s.

Madame Weigel’s Paper Pattern 1416

I must have made this with a very clear head as this is the sum of the instructions. As you can see the pattern pieces have no markings, just hole punches.

The very brief instructions!
This is my version. It’s a bit of a mish-mash of fabric and era’s, but I like it all the same.  The main fabric is a bed sheet, the frill and pocket were pieces left over from an upholstery job.
Excuse the photo quality here!
Are you inspired to join me? Remember this doesn’t mean you have to sewing up kaftans or flares (although that does sound rather fun!). There are some beautiful patterns out there, most of which you can score for a few bucks at your local charity shop.  I have a great early 80’s bag pattern that might just have to be included in this challenge!
Vintage sewing pattern pledge – who’s in?

4 thoughts

  1. Love this idea and love vintage patterns too! Will have to join in on the fun! I just made something from a vintage pattern for the 4th and have plans to make a coat for myself from a vintage pattern. If I could suggest that I think your pattern is probably from the 40’s. I know that my 40’s patterns have no printing, just holes. And the style and color is more 40’s as well. Love this apron! My first vintage pattern was an apron dress for my little girl. I was hooked after that.


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