Sewing + jet lag = 5 metres of bunting

I am finally over the jet lag, why on earth does it take so long?

Anyway, I arrived back on Wednesday night to be faced with a leaving present for my sons beautiful teacher, Miss H to be complete by Thursday night (eek). She is going on maternity leave and I was asked to help the kids prepare a present for her. Of course, bunting is the answer for all expectant mothers!

I asked the kids to draw on paper either a circle, square or triangle to a specific size and then to decorate with messages of good luck, congratulations and love. I was not disappointed, there were some beautiful pieces. I then stitched each shape onto the reverse of the bunting.

I wanted the front to have some truly beautiful fabric, so I chose Nano Iro’s Pierre Pocho from Kelani Fabrics. It is a beautiful Japanese double gauze ivory fabric with subtle spots in pastel tones. It is the perfect baby fabric for a boy or girl.  I even had some fabric left over to stretch onto a canvas, just to add a little extra loveliness!


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