Kids Clothes Week and Adventure Pants!

This week, in between chronic jet lag and endless mounds of washing I managed to make some trousers for Kids Clothes Week.

Kids Clothes Week is a seasonal sewing challenge. The challenge is to commit to sewing clothes for your kids one hour a day for seven days. By pledging one hour a day, we are saying that creative time is as important as a clean sink and that our creative endeavours are even more compelling than the endless scroll of Pinterest. Kid’s Clothes Week gets you to sit down in front of your sewing machine and sew a little, then maybe a little more. This momentum feeds your creativity: the more you sew, the more ideas come to you, the more you want to sew!

Sounds ideal! Under normal circumstance, this is an excuse for me to ignore everything and sew, but the extra challenge of keeping my eyes open has been less than ideal!

The theme this season is traveling, so I made the Twisted Trouser by Titchy Threads for Archie.  We have called them his Adventure Pants. They are the perfect slim fit trouser with a side seam that twists around the front. I was inspired to make a pair of trousers that would work well on a road trip around Australia. It was about colour, durability, comfort and cool – all the ingredients necessary to travel.

Colour – nothing too light in colour as that red dust and the bush is no friend of clothing
Durability – climbing and running and jumping and playing, they need to be tough, the cotton drill is slightly heavier than normal cotton and washes really well
Comfort – hours and hours of sitting in the car, they need to be comfortable, the soft elastic waistband answered that requirement
Cool – every kid needs to look cool, the orange piping and stitching is a perfect addition

Adventure Pants
Back pockets with orange stitching and piped yoke
Piped pocket detail
The twist

They were surprisingly easy to make, mainly due to the incredibly detailed instructions. I am thrilled that independent pattern makers are producing such interesting patterns for boys.  Round of applause please!

I have just started another pair for Bertie – watch this space…

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