Surprise Surprise!

I love a surprise!  Not surprising me, I might add, but I like to surprise other people.  It gives me a massive thrill.  

I surprised my parents once.  I had been living in Australia for a year, I was horribly homesick and wanted to see my Mum & Dad.  So I jumped on a plane and flew home and did the big ‘surprise’.  I nearly killed my Mum.  (Note to self, don’t surprise anyone over 60). 

I also surprised my husband with a 40th party, 2 years after open heart surgery.  When he clutched his heart as we opened the door I thought, “well, I’ve done it this time”. 

So onto my final surprise, the biggest one yet. I flew to England this week to show up at my best friend, Bev’s wedding.  When you receive an invitation through the post that looks like this, how could I stay away? 

An amazing wedding invitation, designed bu the groom himself!

Bev and I have been friends since we were 14. There is no part of my teenage years that doesn’t involve her. We laughed, cried, argued, laughed some more and got up to lots of things we shouldn’t. We are still giggling like naughty school children to this very day. It has been absolutely worth the horrific flight!  

I arrived on the doorstep, the door swings open to a very casual “hello” and then came the register and the gigantic scream, which was heard a street away. Then tears, lots of tears. A cuppa tea and straight into it!


The blushing bride & me

Of course, a homemade present was in order so I embroidered two anatomical hearts for her and her beloved – this is ‘Heart to Heart’.

‘Heart to Heart’ my wedding gift to Bev & Jamie

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