Am I Emmet?

Following the instructions has always come quite naturally to me, I think that is why sewing agrees with me.  Follow a set of instructions and tah-dah, you have made something.  It must be down to a strict and regimented schooling or maybe it’s inbred or maybe I am just an ‘Emmet’.


This applies to most things in my life, cooking is a perfect example. When people compliment me on a dinner my standard response tends to be “well I can’t really take the credit, I just followed a recipe.”  I believe you deserve full credit when you find a couple of dubious items at the back of the pantry, add a few bits of this and that from the fridge and make a stunning 3 course meal.

So, when I find myself going ‘off piste’ during a set of sewing instructions, it really takes all my energy not to break out in a sweat and throw it into the scrap box.  But I have started to do this more and more over the years as my confidence grew.  Although, I often can’t decide if it is confidence or corner cutting!

Recently, I went ‘off piste’. I purchased a fabulous Japanese sewing book that I have been fawning over for many months now.  It’s called ‘She wears the pants’ by Yuko Takada, edgy urban style with a masculine twist.  Yes, that’s me!

Cover of the book showing the Top with Epaulettes

I started out with the simple Top with Epaulettes, my first thought was ‘I’m not making anything with a word in it that I have never heard of’.  Job done, I made the Top, minus the Epaulettes*, woo hoo, minor change, but not a drastic one and it took me 45 minutes and it’s pretty good.  I have just finished my second one in a navy cotton jersey called Little Wing, what a lovely name! The fabric it’s from Remnant Warehouse.

* an Epaulette is an ornamental shoulder piece.

Top No.4 from She wears the Pants
Top with(out) Epaulettes in black jersey stretch (cloud pin by my sis!) I added a bit extra to the length, I like them long!


Navy jersey stretch
This time in a great navy jersey stretch from Remnant Warehouse


Love a three quarter sleeve!

Just about to start the Square Top, the question is, will I actually follow the instructions? Wish me luck!

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