Bunting, bunting, bunting and more bunting

I have made loads of it, simply loads and if I am not making it, I am teaching someone to make it.  Good job I quite enjoy it.  For me, it’s a way of making a gift without leaving the house.  It’s also a great way of teaching kids to sew.  The embellishment allows for creative expression and hand sewing techniques, the construction is a good way of teaching sewing machine skills.

Here are a few examples of what you can do;

My standard bunting

MY STANDARD BUNTING – The majority of bunting I make is using a fabulous fabric and reworking it into something abstract.  Here is a good example of using small pieces and making them work really well as bunting.  This hand glider fabric was a real find, a retro 80’s piece but not much of it.  I made a cushion first and with the left overs I made this bunting.  It’s double sided, a navy blue backing to size 15cm wide x 18cm deep, finished with some red bias binding.

My name bunting

MY NAME BUNTING – This is such a great present, especially for a newborn. This is the standard size and double sided. The key is to use a dark fabric and a coloured letter on the front, I work with a typography book by my side for inspiration. The reverse has the bright fabric so it works well if you are hanging it across a bedroom. Where else would you use hippos, robots and pandas in the same place?

My mini bunting

MY MINI BUNTING – I made this bunting in school colours for the school fete. It’s single sided, so quick to make, with bias binding to string it together.

My felt bunting

MY FELT BUNTING – this is mini bunting made from a grey felt. I have used felt, beads, buttons, bits of jewelry and paper (oh and a little bird) to decorate this name bunting for Constance. Felt is a great medium for kids to use.  The thicker the better!

Kid’s bunting – isn’t that cake a masterpiece? (not mine I hasten to add – well done Gabs!)

KIDS BUNTING – I love the wide variety of crazy stuff that the kids decorated there bunting with. Bits of lace, the odd button, felt and letters.  Iron-on glue is there best friend – there was a fair bit of cheating going on!

For more hints and tip on bunting, just give me a shout.  Crafternoon anyone?

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