A badge of honour

Is collecting just a better way of saying “hording”?  In my case, I am sure it is.

I have a few collections; vintage sewing patterns, fabric and badges.  I think my husband would disagree with my definition of ‘collection’ when it comes to my fabric and patterns, I think he feels it’s just excessive and slightly obsessive.  My draws are bulging under the weight of fabric and however hard I try it doesn’t seem to diminish.  I am actually quite OK with that.

But my badge collection, that’s a different matter, it’s really is quite fabulous.  I have been collecting badges since I was very young. According to my collection, ‘I AM 3’ is probably one of my first badges.  But I know the real collecting started at about 7 or 8.  I think in the late 70’s/early 80’s badges were quite the thing.  You would sneeze and get a badge for it.  There are some real corkers in this collection, most come from family holidays to Guernsey in the Channel Islands and day trips to local parks and museums.

Part of my badge collection – should it be called vintage? Am I that old? I am still collecting so there is the odd new badge thrown in.
Rotherham Museum
My favourite ‘Rotherham Museum’ badge – it’s so old that the museum isn’t even called that anymore!

A favourite is the sky blue “Rotherham Museum” badge with lions head. I am from Rotherham, a mining town in South Yorkshire.  It had a small museum with Victorian oddities, like a pickled cat with 6 legs in a jar, local pottery and the ‘piece de resistance’, a stuffed lion in the entrance hall that had seen better days.

Nelson, a Cape Lion from South Africa. He lived at London Zoo until his death in 1872.


Draper’s Dance Centre, let’s see those Jazz hands!

I should also mention the Drapers Dance Centre badge, slightly rusted and sparkling with 70’s charm. It was the dancing school where I spent most of my childhood, Saturday mornings learning ballroom and jazz.  Spot the Samba, Cha Cha, Rumba and Jive awards.  If I had my time again I would have loved to be a professional ballroom dancer, can you imagine how much fun I could have had with those dresses!

This is only about half of my collection but in this small selection exists most of my childhood memories.

2 thoughts

  1. You can not call yourself a child of the 70’s without having amassed some badges along the way. No time to talk now, must go and hunt down my Puffin Club and Gould League badges! Thanks Kate!


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