Mother of the Stitch

As it is Mother’s Day here in Australia, I thought it only right to post something ‘mother’ related.  I won’t do the sentimental bit, she doesn’t go in for that, instead I will say that she is an incredible talent.  Not that she would think that, but she is a sewing and crafting queen.  If she isn’t making jewelry or knitting a nativity scene or Tour de France bunting (yes, she did!) then she is making cute dresses for my niece or curtains for my sister.  Industrious is an understatement.

Today, whilst looking through my extensive collection of sewing patterns, I found this little gem that I had to share.

Vintage pattern
Isn’t that postmark just beautiful!

It is postmarked 1967, wow, that’s 48 years ago!  In the ‘olden days’, you could send off for patterns from magazines, just cut out the coupon add some cash and your pattern would arrive in the post!  I love that her bust size is noted on the front of the envelope. How embarrassing!

When it says “weekend” are they saying you can make it in a weekend? Eeek.

What a great Camel Coat pattern, looks fairly straightforward when you read the instruction but then I looked at the pattern pieces, mind blown! They have minimal markings on them, just hole punches.  Talk about complicated.  Back in the day, these ladies clearly were very skilled home sewers. We are very spoiled, Google and YouTube are my best friends in a sewing crisis.

Blank brown paper with holes in it or is it in fact a very complicated pattern!

High Five Mum, for every dress you ever made that inspired my journey!

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