Lobster love

I’ve been upcycling again!  I feel a little guilty about this one, the dress I upcycled was actually quite cute.  It was 1950’s style with a full skirt and fitted bodice.  I am sure it would have looked super on anyone but me.  It made me look like a cupcake (and not in a delicious and tasty way!)

There was quite a bit of fabric to go at, so I managed to make myself a dress, a skirt and there is still a bit left over.

The dress I made is called the Colour-block shift, it has a drop sleeve and open neckline. The pattern is from the pattern book, Casual Sweet Clothes by Noriko Sasahara.  I chose this lovely charcoal chambray to team with the lobster print and I think it’s a success.  I made an alteration to the original pattern as it suggested a heavy fabric like wool. I had to remove the bow detail at the back as it kept pulling the front upwards because my fabric choice is quite light.

Lobster dress upcycle
Lobster dress upcycle
I love a loose fitting dress, hides all those toneless bits!
Lobster dress upcycle
I had to remove the suggested bow detail so I replaced it with this non-functioning covered button.

The second project I made was this cute mini skirt.  I drafted this pattern, it just an A-line mini made from my block.  I am no pattern-drafter but this one is quite basic if your maths is up to scratch.  The emerald green zip makes it for me.  I love an external zip mainly because I hate putting in zips and really an external zip is easy (and cheating!)

Lobster mini skirt upcycle
A-line mini skirt, the ultimate beach wear!
A-line mini skirt upcycle
The emerald green zip is such a great feature

I think I have just enough left to make a hat. Watch this space!

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