The Art of Shibori

I recently took part in a workshop at the Shibori Studio. I have to say, I knew nothing about this, kinda flying blind really, but what an amazing experience!  For those of you who have no idea about Shibori (like me) it is the Japanese art of resist dyeing. It’s like tie-dye but way cooler and more planned in its approach. Indigo dye is often associated with Shibori and this is where we started. I dyed a few pieces with such surprising results, I just couldn’t believe how good they looked.  It’s such a quick and simple process, well it felt like that, although I think that something to do with Karen and Pepa’s guidance. These girls really know there stuff and are a real inspiration to be around.  Check out there beautiful range of wallpaper, cushions, fabric and leather – you can’t be anything but impressed.

Shibori workshop
My first Shibori piece using pegs
Shibori workshop
Aren’t those circle just fantastic!

Of course, I had to make something out of one of my pieces. My favourite piece became a cushion cover for my Mum.  The square pattern is so beautiful and reminds me of old-fashion film negatives – remember them?

Shibori and japanese double gauze cotton made into a cushion
Little windows of loveliness


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