Farewell dress, hello jacket

I bought the most beautiful apple green neoprene fabric from Tessuti Fabrics this year.  Such a great fabric and so easy to work with.  The process of deciding what to make usually takes the most time. I finally decided on this kimono sleeve t-shirt dress.  I made the pattern based on something similar I had made before.  I wore it a few times, lets just say, I didn’t love it.  Bit sack-like if I am honest. Being the ‘Proper Northerner’ that I am, I can’t bare waste, so an upcycle was the obvious answer.

Apple green neoprene kimono sleeve dress
Farewell sack-like dress

So, the hours of unpicking commenced, a real labour of love.

I finally settled on a jewel-neck jacket I found in one of my favourite Japanese pattern books, Casual Sweet Clothes by Noriko Sasahara.  As I was restricted by fabric, I have altered the pattern a little to remove some of the volume in the flared sleeves and remove the fastenings to leave my jacket open.  It was a surprisingly simple transformation and I am really pleased with the results.

Apple green neoprene jacket
Hello awesome jacket

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